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Asbestos Services is a high-risk industry.

My name’s Katie Parsons-Young and, I’ve been in the asbestos business 12 years. Owning an asbestos company isn’t every little girl’s dream – or boy’s for that matter. My son, Winston, wants to be Dan Biggar.

I’ve always admired my client’s loyalty and trust. Their belief in me takes us all over the UK. The experience and opportunity of multiple asbestos challenges remain indispensable to me today.

From my residential clients one of the commonest questions I’m asked is “Can I use an unlicensed contractor?” I’ll always give the same response. Don’t do it.

The dangers of asbestos are now well known, so why risk using the local tradesman when you can call on a company licensed by HSE, with two generations of experience, including work in schools, colleges, universities, NHS trusts, national museums, a national sports stadium, and munitions factories and atomic weapons plants with the Ministry of Defence.

If you need to call in the cavalry, why not call on experts with multiple years’ experience?

There are plenty of consultants out there who will offer advice. Only a handful will remove the asbestos itself.

You’ll be surprised at how affordable we are. Economies of scale make us competitive.

Set up to do bigger jobs, we’re able to slot in smaller non-licensed work, with little fuss to us, and none to you.

Fact is, you don’t just want the asbestos removing. You want experts who will ensure site safety long after they’ve gone.

We have an enviable reputation in the hotel industry thanks to our discretion and wide-ranging experience of working in fully operational buildings.

We are immensely proud of the work entrusted to us in and around Bristol. Last year we provided 3,860 working days of surveying, worked in 197 residential homes, and removed 168 garage roofs and 324 tonnes of fibrous asbestos from commercial buildings.

In the wake of Storm Dennis, we ensured the safety of an asbestos ceiling in St Mary Shopping Centre. We removed asbestos cladding which didn’t meet fire regulations from tower blocks in Clifton and unsafe asbestos from a unit in Cribbs Causeway prior to demolition and major refurbishment works. And, last but not least, in Mangotsfield, we identified and safely removed asbestos before the major refurbishment of a beloved family home.

We know the worry that asbestos can cause. Bristol Asbestos Services provides a one-stop shop catering for all your needs under one roof.

Asbestos isn’t a lot of fun. But people like working with us. Still very much a family firm, we’re known for our friendliness and attention to detail.

We’re here to take the danger and stress out of asbestos removal. We’ll lead you through every step of the process. When all’s said and done, asbestos is best left to the experts.

Katie Parsons-Young

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Welcome to Bristol’s foremost asbestos removal and surveying company. We are committed to safe working practices and invest in our team accordingly.

We know the worry that asbestos can cause. Bristol Asbestos Services provides a one-stop shop catering for all your needs under one roof.

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